Replicability within Reach

Think TurboTax for experimental design. Rationally makes replicable research design easier, more fundable and more visible.

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About the Replication Crisis

Costing an estimated $200 billion annually in just biomedical alone, arising as a result of misaligned incentives, flawed protocols, implicit bias and statistical errors.

Published mentions of the replication crisis Published mentions of the Replication Crisis Source: Science

DoE for busy people

DoE is part art, part science and part administrativa. We make the latter two a breeze.

A Standards Platform

Comply with CONSORT, STROBE, etc. Upload your custom lab policies too.

Lean Peer Review

Get specific, substantive and timely feedback from a broader network.

Open Science DB

The first thing we built is the Open Science Database, a living meta-analysis. Initially for citizen science, we're adjusting it to meet the needs of the research community. More developments coming soon.

Who is Rationally?

We're autodidactic startup geeks who relish hanging out with scientists all the time because y'all are awesome.

Kristin Lindquist

Founder & CEO

Maker, servant leader, neuroscience hobbyist, undissuadable humanist

James Gardner

Founder & CTO

10x-er, polymath, unflappable leader and inordinately reasonable human.

We launch soon.

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